Instagram users throughout the United States would soon be able to subscribe to a handful of their favorite creators and influencers. This is going to give them access to some of the exclusive features and content like never before. 

In a blog post, Instagram announced that it is going to soon launch subscriptions for creators. Coming in the next few weeks, this feature is already being tested with 10 creators throughout the country. 

Among these creators includes the famous basketball player Sedona Prince, astrologer Aliza Kelly and not to mention Olympian Jordon Chiles. 

The idea is pretty simple, with fans paying a monthly fee to get subscriber-only content from their favorite creators. Additionally, each subscriber will also get a purple batch right next to their username, making it easier for the creator to identify them. 

The overall pricing is going to range from $0.99 to $99.99 per month. Although the creator gets to decide their price tier. Based on a conversation between TechCrunch and the Co-head of products Ashley Yuki, Instagram is not going to take a cut from Creators, at least up until 2023. 

Introducing Instagram Subscriptions 

Even back in 2020, Facebook launched its own version of a Subscription program that allowed several creators to build sustainable businesses. In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta wrote about his excitement towards building such tools for the creators. 

According to Instagram Head Adam Mosseri, ‘subscriptions are one of the best ways‘ for creators to achieve a predictable income. The rising popularity of Patreon and Substack can also be yet another motivation to get those creators back from off-platforms. 

Yet Another Blow from Meta

It’s been quite a while now, that Meta (previously Facebook) and Apple have been at each other’s throats over Apple’s 70/30 revenue split. So, this can be yet another move towards showcasing to creators how much revenue they would be missing out on. 

Either way, this in turn can really put some pressure on Apple. Given this time around, Meta would have creators by their side. 

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Final Thoughts 

No matter how you look at it, this subscription-based attempt seems quite similar to that of OnlyFans. After all, it is yet another rising platform that has gained quite popularity over a span of such a short time. Overall, it is a great initiative to support some creative personnel on Instagram. 



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