Do you feel like completely personalizing your Discord server while offering a unique experience to the members? With a plethora of music bots out there on the internet, it can be hard to find the perfect bot that suits your preference. 

This is where the Rythm bot Discord has got you covered. Currently running on more than 10 million servers, Rythm can offer you a customized solution to run any music on your Discord server.

So if you want to make your channel livelier than others, this is just the right article for you. Here we will be discussing the most common Rythm Bot commands, and how you can set them on your Discord server?

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What Exactly is the Rythm Bot? 


Rythm Bot is a Discord bot that solely caters to the purpose of playing music on your Discord server. With more than 10 million Discord servers using the Rythm Bot, it has gained quite a popularity over the past few years.

Not to mention, the Rythm Bot can offer a seamless, lag-free music experience with the ability to import entire YouTube playlists on your server. Some other sources that Rythm supports include Twitch and SoundCloud. Overall, a great tool to offer an unprecedented music experience to the members.

Salient Features of the Rythm Bot

The Rythm Bot comes with a plethora of unique features that give it an edge over any other Discord bot offering a music solution. If you want to listen to lag-free, high-quality music from your favorite source, Rythm Bot has got you covered. Here is a list of some of the salient features of the Rhythm Bot:

  • Users can play music directly from their favorite sources including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitch. Furthermore, users can import an entire YouTube playlist to Rythm.
  • Server owners can also add two Rythm Bots at the same time on their server for multiple channels.
  • Rythm Bot allows full control to the owner to who can access and play music within the same voice channel.
  • Rythm Bot allows to seamlessly remove duplicate songs from the queue.

Commonly Used Rythm Bot Commands 

If you want to get the most out of your Rythm Bot, it is very important to memorize some of the most commonly used commands by heart. Bear in mind, each command should begin with ‘!’. Here’s the list of some of the most prominent Rythm Bot commands:

  • Aliases: This command can showcase all the various aliases used for different commands.
  • Disconnect: Seamlessly disconnect the Rythm Bot from the channel it is currently playing music.
  • Loopqueue: This allows users to look into the queue for the list of songs currently playing.
  • Lyrics: Used to view the lyrics of the song that is currently being played on the server. Not to mention, this also allows viewing the song and artist name.
  • Np: Used to display the current playing song.
  • Ping: Used to check the response time of the Rythm Bot.
  • Play: Allows users to play a song followed by the song URL.
  • Remove: Allows users to remove any given track from the playlist or queue.
  • Search: Use this command to find the most relevant song using a simple search.
  • Settings: A command dedicated to all the moderators and server owners, in order to bring up the Rythm Bot settings.
  • Skip: Use the skip command to jump to the next song.
  • Soundcloud: The easiest way to search for any SoundCloud song.
  • Stats: It allows users to know the stats about the Rythm Bot.
  • URL: The URL command can come in handy to play any music from the given URL.

How to Set Up Rythm Bot on Your Discord Server? 

The entire process of setting up Rythm Bot is as seamless as it can ever get. In fact, it can be done within a matter of minutes. Follow the steps down below to add Rythm Bot in Discord:

Step 1: Head over to and select ‘Add to Discord’ from the upper right corner. Add your login credentials to add your Discord server.

Step 2: Simply select the Discord server you want to authorize, once all the permissions are checked. 

Step 3: Head back to the Discord server dashboard and you will find the Rythm Bot is added.

Step 4: In order to enable the bot, head over to Settings roles > add new roles. 

Step 5: You can also assign names to the bot and click on Save.

Step 6: Head over to the Online section and select the Rythm Bot. Go to the Settings and there you can assign a new role to the bot you just created.

That is how easy it can get to add Rythm Bot to Discord and start sharing music with your members right away.

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How to Troubleshoot the Rythm Bot? 

In case you ever find the Rythm bot not working, here are some of the most prominent tips and tricks that you can follow through:

1. Check the Rythm Bot Volume

There are several instances where you might the Rythm bot outputs no volume. This mainly occurs when the volume of the bot is set to ‘0’. One of the easiest ways to check is, simply right-click on the Rythm bot. If the volume bar is at far left, it is set to 0. Just slide the bar until you find the optimum volume output.

2. Make Sure to Unmute the Rythm Bot 

Another common possibility could be when the Rhythm bot is left muted for a specific channel or throughout the server. Bear in mind, such access is only possible if you are a moderator, administrator, or the owner of the server. Once again, right-click on the Rythm bot to unmute it.

3. Disconnect to Add Rythm Bot

For all the server owners, if the Rythm bot stops working, try disconnecting the bot and invite it once again to the server. Not to mention, this trial and error method works the best in case you can’t figure out the underlying problem with the Discord bot.

4. Try Rejoining the Channel 

This method particularly works, if you are not a serer owner or administrator of any channel. Under such circumstances, if the Rythm Bot stops working for you, simply leave the channel. Wait for a few minutes and rejoin. This should probably help you to get the Rythm Bot up and running in no time.

5. Check Discord Audio Settings

Sometimes you might find that the underlying problem was with Discord audio all along. In case the Rythm Bot doesn’t showcase any output, make sure to check the audio settings in Discord. Set up the right audio output, be it your headphones or stereo speakers. You can also accidentally set the volume to zero. So, it’s better to check the same as well.

6. Check the Audio on Your Computer

Taking about yet another stupidly easy fix, it is very important to check the audio on your computer as well. Regardless of the OS you are using, be it Windows, Linux, or macOS, check whether the volume is accidentally set to 0. Try to double-check the audio output.

7. Look Whether the Rythm Bot is Offline 

Last but not least, sometimes even the Rythm Bot server might be offline. Although it is not a common occurrence, it might be down for maintenance. The easiest way is to simply type !invite on the official Discord channel. Look into the #outages channel, and check whether Rythm Bot is currently going through a maintenance issue or not.

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Wrapping Up: Rythm Bot Commands 

So that was our curated guide on how to add Rythm Bot in Discord and use the commands effectively. In order to explore more Discord Bots, look into our dedicated article on best Discord bots.


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