While Microsoft announced Windows 11 back in June, everyone wants to get their hands on the Operating System. But, one of the biggest constraints remains with Microsoft’s new sets of system requirements while installing Windows 11. There’s still confusion around the corner, whether you can actually install Windows 11 or not. 

This is where a developer named BlueEdge has done a tremendous job of simulating the entire OS. Users can try out Windows 11 at the comfort of their web browser. Currently, browsers are capable enough to emulate an entire operating system with ease. 

What is Windows 11 Emulator? 

Windows 11 in your web browser

BlueEdge has developed an online emulator that completely replicates the look and feel of Windows 11. No more waiting around, users can actually get a hands-on experience with Windows 11 without any ISO file. Just bear in mind, as of now the project only offers some of the most basic functionalities, which we will come back to later. 

In fact, it is not a full-fledged operating system, but an emulation of its user interface. But what makes this intriguing is, you can run it directly from a web browser. Not only constrained to PC, but you can try out the same over your mobile device as well. 

According to the developer itself, the project is kept open-sourced in order to replicate the Windows 11 experience for the majority of the users. It is built out of some of the most standard web technologies including CSS, React, and JavaScript. Built around the React JavaScript framework, Windows 11 on React (as the developer is calling it) can only imitate the look and feel. 

Is This a Full Version of Windows 11?

For starters, it is not a full-fledged version of Windows 11 as you would expect out of an ISO file. It is an emulation to give you a clear idea of what the final version of Windows 11 would look like. The emulation consists of all the visual changes that Microsoft has implemented on Windows 11. 

It comes with a completely redesigned Start Menu and Action Center. You can also try out the all-new Widgets, or set various Snaps Layouts for utmost productivity. But still, some of the core functionalities are yet to be added. This includes the File Explorer, marked as ‘coming soon’ as well as the Settings option. 

What to Expect of Windows 11 Emulator?

As stated earlier, the project is a fine implementation of Windows 11. But as of now, it is only constrained to some of the basic functionalities. Here is a list of all the features that are currently available in Windows 11 on React. 

  • Start Menu, Widgets, and Search Menu
  • Support for Right-Click action
  • Complete desktop overview
  • View Calendar and Other Side Navigations
  • Set Windows in Different Layouts
  • Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store, Calculator, and Command Prompt
  • Notepad, Whiteboard, and vscode

But in the coming updates, the developer plans to implement additional features including a Lock Screen, support for more apps, and others. Simply, visit the link to try out Windows 11 by yourself. 


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