Since the addition of Android app support and much-needed taskbar improvements, Microsoft has finally started to roll out Windows 11 Insider Build 22567 for Dev Channel. This update primarily focuses on the Windows Update System, while taking a more sustainable approach than ever.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also adding a new ‘Your Microsoft Account’ page to Windows 11. So, let’s have a closer look at everything Windows 11 has to offer on its new update.

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What’s New on the Windows 11 Build 22567?

Microsoft announced  Windows 11 build 22567 in their official blog. They are going to take a sustainable approach with its Windows Update system.

Windows Updates would only prioritize updates in the background if there is an abundance of natural energy sources including wind or solar energy. In other words, for anyone living in known carbon intensity data, Windows is going to push updates when there is more clean energy.

In fact, users can also look at their reduced carbon emission data right on the Windows Update page. Although you can manually check for Windows Updates any time of the day. There aren’t any restrictions whatsoever.

Source: Microsoft

More on the Addition Changes 

Another significant change on the Windows 11 Build 22567 is the addition of the ‘Your Microsoft Account’ page. This is where users can find all the curated information regarding their Microsoft 365 subscription along with available OneDrive storage and more.

Source: Microsoft

Users can also update their payment methods on the settings page. Another huge design overhaul is going to be with the ‘Open with’ dialogue box for Windows 11. Microsoft is going to resonate the design language with their current Fluent Design.

Source: Microsoft

Lastly, Microsoft is also adding a new Smart App Control feature which is going to add another security layer while accessing unknown applications. Although users can completely disable them based on their preference. 

Source: Microsoft

This goes without saying, the Windows 11 22567 update has a lot more to offer than anticipated. Allowing users to link their Android devices with Windows 11 OOBE (out-of-the-box experience) and updated animations for touch gestures, truly adds Microsoft’s concern.

Source: Microsoft

Overall, there are also a plethora of fixes included in the latest build of Windows 11. So, let us know in the comment section below, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Windows 11 22567 build?


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