Microsoft is supposedly working on Windows 11’s big update for 2023. The reference to the 23H2 build further justifies our speculation. Initially, the change was spotted by a Twitter user @XenoPanther. 

The reference was made from CU23H2 or ‘Copper’ 23H2 from a DLL file within the Windows Server build 25075. This leak is coming right when developers are testing the current 22H2 build for this year. The 22H2 build is codenamed ‘Nickel’ or commonly ‘Sun valley 2.’

Windows 11 23H2 Build – The Next Major Update

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The Twitter post made by XenoPanther is not the only source around. Neowin further mentions, the company points towards, ‘SV3 Refined Investments Next Step’ in a Microsoft stream. It is a Windows Insider Program webcast, where the information was right at the Share Content menu (for Microsoft Teams).

Now, the SV2 abbreviation is commonly used by Microsoft for Sun Valley 2. So, we can directly correlate SV3 to that of Sun Valley 3, or the Copper 23H2 Windows 11 build. 

An Early Speculation to 23H2 Build

According to @XenoPanter, this is a very early reference to next year’s big 23H2 build. Not to mention, Microsoft has already shifted towards an annual cadence. So in theory, it is one of the very early works for Windows 11’s Copper or Sun Valley 3 builds. 

Bear in mind, SV3 might also be a temporary codename being used for ease of workflow. So, there is a possibility that Microsoft can discard it next year when the big launch actually happens. 

Keeping up with the launch cycle, we can expect the current Windows 11 22H2 launch somewhere around July. Although September or October can be a safer bet as well. Last year, around the time Windows 11 was initially launched. 

Then again, all these are speculative data. But this aligns Windows 11’s next Copper 23H2 build in 2023 around the same time as well. As for Windows 11 22H2 update, Microsoft is going to add some huge changes to the OS. 

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Starting from support for Android apps to prominent design overhaul. But, there is something concrete about 2023’s Windows 11 iteration. If we expect the development to start soon, we are just a few months away from potential leaks and news for Copper 23H2 build. 

So that sums up our article everything you need to know about Windows 11’s Copper 23H2 build. 


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