When you compare messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Line with Telegram, you’ll notice they all have got some common features. But what makes Telegram so unique is that you can create bots for Telegram.

With these bots, you can welcome new members, automatically delete posts containing specific words, announce group rules, and much more! This is why Telegram comes as a boon for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. In a huge group, you can also assign different roles to particular members, like admin, moderator, subscriber, and so on.

Here’s a list of the best and the most useful Telegram bots that you can use for a better messenger experience.

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Useful Telegram Bots

Telegram bots

1. Spoiler Bot

I’m sure many of you are always bursting with news about the latest movie or Netflix show, just like me. Sending spoilers to other people must feel amazing, right? This is where the Spoiler Bot comes in. If you want to send a spoiler in a Telegram group chat.

Once you use this bot to do so, it hides the actual spoiler in a warning message. Your group members can choose to see this message or just ignore it.

2. Hodor Bot

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, let me take you back to Season 6, Episode 5. You watched Hodor saving Bran from the White Walkers’ Army. You watched him holding the door to let Bran getaway. And sadly, you watched him die.

But Hodor is alive on Telegram! This bot allows you to chat with Hodor about anything under the sun. In reply, the most beloved GoT character says exactly what you’d expect him to: “Hodor”!

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3. Movies Tracker Bot

After hearing about a movie on group chat or somewhere else, you ask Google about it. Or you try to guess the year the movie was released, and the reviews it garnered. But you don’t need to do that anymore on Telegram.

The Movies Tracker bot can tell you about a movie in just a few seconds or so. Simply call this bot to your chat and type the movie name. It will provide information about the movie title, plot, rating, year, cast, etc. directly from IMDb.

4. Group Butler Bot

You’re an admin of a group of 200 or more members on Telegram, and you need a break from your duties. Well, the Group Butler bot can help you do just that.

Convert your group into a supergroup, and then make this bot the group admin after adding it to the group. It can manage your group by setting group rules, automatically banning users, and setting custom triggers. New group members will also get welcome messages from this bot. So let this bot be your butler, and take some time off.

5. Pomodoro Timer Bot

If you want to increase your productivity while you’re studying or you’re at work, you can use the Pomodoro technique. This bot keeps your brain productive by using a work-break cycle of 5 minutes and 25 minutes.

Basically, it divides your work time into 5-minute or 25-minute intervals, with short breaks in between. You can finish your tasks effectively and stay focused with the help of this Telegram bot.

6. Voicy Bot

When people switch to voice notes from texting, you might tire of listening to all the voice messages you get. That’s when Voicy steps in.

Voicy can automatically convert voice messages and audio files into text. All you need to do is forward an audio file to this bot, and it’ll do the job. You can also record a voice message yourself or add Voicy to your group.

7. Grocery List Bot

Manage your list of groceries for the month with this Telegram bot. It’s very useful to have when you’re living with your family or your flatmates.

Just add this bot to your group, and then add items to, or delete them from, your groceries list. Once you’re done, you can share this list with your friends, family, or flatmates. You can also set your preferences or delete the entire list if you want.

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8. Cropper Bot

Once you upload a panoramic image on Instagram, it appears blurred on your profile so you can’t make out anything clearly. This is due to Instagram’s fixed image aspect ratio.

Telegram’s Cropper bot, on the other hand, turns an image into a sequence of photos. In other words, it splits the image into a number of square pieces which you can upload as a sequence. Just send a panoramic image to the bot chat window, and you’ll get the cropped images instantly.

9. Instasave Bot

As you know, you can’t download photos or videos from Instagram natively. But you can do so with the help of the Instasave bot on Telegram. It allows you to download videos and images from Instagram just by copying the link to the bot chat.

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10. BotList Bot

Finally, with the BotList bot, you can search for the best Telegram bots by name and category. Whether you want to find a bot for news, weather, or even tech, this bot will come to your aid. It helps you explore bots on Telegram and even manage your favorite bots.

11. Now Trending Bot

Looking for the top trending news, @nowtrendingbot gives you access to all the latest news. The bot would show you what’s trending in your area. You can keep up with the latest trends with @nowtrendingbot.

12. Converto Bot

If you wish to download videos from other platforms then @converto_bot can be quite helpful. You can easily copy the videos from YouTube or any other platform and download them.

13. FB Video Download Bot

FB Video Download Bot – @FBvidzBot comes in handy to download Facebook videos. Copy-paste the video link on Telegram while the bot runs in the background.

14. File Converter

File Converter – @newfileconverterbot allows you to convert image, audio, and video files from one format to another. It offers over 579 conversions 63 file types.

15. To PDF Bot

Now you can cut, rotate, add, encrypt, or add various elements to your documents with To PDF Bot – @topdf_bot. You can easily edit your documents in a jiffy.

16. Find Music Please Bot

For music lovers, Find Music Please Bot – @findmusicpleasebot is perfect. Now you can easily find your favorite music in an instant.

17. GetMediaBot

Another useful bot. With GetMediaBot – @GetMediaBot allows you to download media from several platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

18. Meme Autobot

The rise of the meme in popular culture is quite evident. Meme Autobot – @memeautobot generates memes, gifs. Share them on social media.

19. My tracking

Tracking your packages would become easier with My tracking – @mitrackingbot. You would routinely get updates about the packages.

How can you create or set up Telegram bots?

Telegram’s open-sourced bot API allows simply anyone to create bots for this app. BotFather, Telegram’s official bot, grants you API keys with which you can create your own Telegram bot. You can also manage your existing bots with its help.

The process of setting up a bot is very easy. Just click on the respective links of the bots listed above, and type “/start”. The particular bot will be added to your Telegram account.

Can you think of any other useful bots for Telegram? Let us know in the comments.

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